With our team, we have been working for more than 6 years in the fields of medical supply, orthopaedic shoe technology and orthopaedic technology at our Munich Bogenhausen location and in the centre of Munich. The professional competence from 3 generations of the Allram medical supply company family is at your disposal here.

We provide you with the services of AllOrtho medical supply store

Functional insoles, sports insoles (skiing, golf, football, jogging, ice skating)

  • Sensomotor insoles with posture analyses
  • Orthopaedic shoe technology, orthopaedic technology
  • Made-to-measure footwear, orthopaedic shoes, therapy shoes, anti-varus shoes, stabilisation shoes

Shoes for diabetics with diabetic footbed

  • Compression therapy
  • Healthcare supplies
  • Rehabilitation supplies
  • Walking frames, wheeled walkers and wheelchairs
  • Bandages for the whole body, support belts, orthotics for the lower extremities and epitheses

We offer you a wide variety of measurements and checks

  • Novel pedography foot measurement systems (worldwide reference centre for video pedobarography)
  • Moticon insole system for diabetic treatments
  • Diers 4 D spine measurement in cooperation with Lindebergs Munich
  • Medical fitness: Haider Bioswing Posturomed, Qionic, Kaiser Invinity, Technogym

In addition, we also offer a selected range of high-quality, anatomically functional bandages and splints.

Our selection of compression stockings from the latest collections of leading manufacturers, such as Bauerfeind and Medi, are used in compression therapy, which studies have shown to be highly effective. This therapy is the basic method for treating venous and lymphoid diseases. We will be happy to order rehabilitation equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers for you on request.

AllOrtho Analysis Pedography

A member of our AllOrtho team will be happy to present our products to you in a personal consultation, so you can try them on and see for yourself.

We take great pleasure in dealing with people, providing individual advice for patients and supporting doctors.