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Each foot is unique. We take our time to understand this work of bones, tendons and ligaments. In cooperation with doctors, therapists and the most modern technology we develop a handcrafted support that gives the foot its natural shape back, strengthens it and prevents pain. Here we see the human body as a unit. The feet are the foundation. If the foundation of the body is correct, many other processes on the body also function more harmoniously. Defective positions are compensated by CAD-milled dynamic inlays. Because insoles help the feet to be or become healthier.

Managing Partner

AllOrtho is

Member of the Bavarian State Guild for Orthopaedic Shoe Technology

  • Supplier of all statutory health insurance funds
  • Member Foot Net Bavaria
  • Member of ZVOS
  • Member of AGOS
  • Cooperation partner of ORS Munich, ISOTHER, Rogall Foot School and Muckenthaler Ergonomics
  • Network of medical professionals
  • Dekra certifies ISO 14001 and 9001


The AllOrtho team is fully committed to providing the best possible outcome for our patients in the context of medical findings and diagnoses from an orthopaedic perspective, in order to achieve the most effective recovery possible.

AllOrtho employees always bear the particular challenges in mind when working with the customer, because they sometimes have to deal with medical issues and sometimes with psychosocial problems due to family circumstances or illness. Our employees are happy to help customers with a great deal of sensitivity and strength through their technical engagement in finding orthopaedic solutions.


Specialising in the areas of healthcare supplies, orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic shoe technology, we can claim many years of experience and a successful collaboration with medical practitioners and physiotherapists. We always take our time with you, our patients, offering high-grade, professional products and aids in our range and using state-of-the-art measurement methods to ensure quality of care. One of the main areas of specialisation for AllOrtho is the treatment and care of the foot and ankle.

The most important thing is to understand the way muscles, tendons and ligaments, bones and joints work together and how they function in relation to posture and movement, so that we can offer you the right advice and care, restoring you to pain-free, natural walking. Our aim is to provide customised orthotics. This involves using our CAD-milled custom inserts for individual adaptation of your standard footwear or the production of custom-made footwear.

Every treatment begins with a personal consultation. We use quick and easy to understand questionnaires to support our work at this stage. Taking medical findings and the results of foot pressure measurement (pedography) into account, we can tailor the right care to your individual needs. Patients from a sporting background start with a treadmill analysis, enabling us to produce insoles that match their needs one hundred percent.

Patients who have undergone a hallux valgus operation, for example, often also suffer postoperative discomfort due to the years of incorrect placement of their feet. Correction by the foot surgeon is an effective option. However, getting the right postoperative care from us is just as important. We will support you, the patient if you want to stop wearing orthopaedic shoes approx. 4-6 weeks after the operation and return to life with your own shoes. Supplementing physiotherapy, we try to correct your posture, particularly already deeply ingrained habits. The AllOrtho team is ready with relieving, supporting and tailor-made insoles. Our goal for you is to create a dynamic insole that has a positive effect on the muscles, tendons and joints – promoting a pain-free, more wear-resistant gait.

A good shoe will provide the foundation for a new way of life. We also treat muscle insufficiencies and muscle spasms with muscle stimulating, sensomotor insoles.

The range of original Valinos hand-made shoes from AllOrtho has a positive reputation far beyond the Munich area. Whether you wear flip-flops, clogs, slippers or swimming pool sandals – your personal foot complaints will be taken into account by the footbed variants from “Contour” to “Hallux” to the “Centre foot roll”. Thanks to the variety of possible material combinations and model variants, you can also create your own shoe model any time. Hand-made from high-quality materials, each shoe is as unique as AllOrtho’s customers themselves, offering them the design of their choice crafted precisely on the basis of the measured data from their feet and combining trendy good looks with high-quality orthopaedic support.

In addition, AllOrtho also stocks the full range of all high-quality branded aids, including bandages, compression stockings, splints and orthotics – from finger splints for sprains, to neck braces and knee braces, for example after cruciate ligament ruptures. In the event of a supply shortage, we will arrange for the quickest possible replacement and remain in direct contact with you until delivery is made.

We are a member of the Bavarian regional guild of orthopaedic shoe technicians and supply all statutory health insurance providers, as well as holding Dekra certification according to ISO 14001 & 9001.

AllOrtho GmbH is headed up by Stefan Allram (master orthopaedic shoe technician, a member of the 2nd generation of the Allram family-run healthcare supply business).