Combining an orthopaedic insole with an individual, great-looking shoe for maximum comfort!

Valinos® are unique

• Each Valinos shoe is individually tailored to the customer’s foot measurement
• Perfectly fitting open-toe sandal with orthopaedic footbed
• Optimum support thanks to individually adjusted straps
• Handmade using high-quality materials
• Each shoe is uniquely customised with a specific customer in mind
• Maximum wearing comfort thanks to different material strengths
• Enhanced safety thanks to slip-resistant soles

4 steps to original Valinos shoes


At AllOrtho, your feet are accurately measured using a computer-based foot measurement system, ensuring the perfect individual fit. Specially designed software gathers the necessary data for further processing.


Modern, computer-based manufacturing is nothing without people. All of the data gathered is evaluated and analysed by the highly qualified specialists at AllOrtho. They provide the basis for your individually customised valinos®.


Innovative CNC milling technology from pedCad foot technology is used at AllOrtho to produce individual footbeds for your valinos®.


Items such as bedding, straps, toe bridge and soles are carefully assembled by hand.

Valinos footwear – the work of master craftsmen.

Valinos have their origins in classic shoe insoles. As well as being individually produced, as a balancing element within the shoe, the insole must be designed and constructed according to orthopaedic specifications. The form and function of the shoe should form a harmonious whole with the insole. The positive results to be achieved with insoles is generally well known. After all, a healthy body must stand on healthy foundations. Our feet play a key role in affecting our posture, misalignments and pain states.

Original Valinos are built from a blank insole and are still hand-made in Germany by master craftsmen. With over twenty years of experience in orthopaedic craftsmanship, innovative engineering and long-term development in cooperation with knowledgeable biomechanics, orthopaedic surgeons and technicians, as well as orthopaedic consultants, pedcad foot technology GmbH has poured all its expertise into Valinos.

The basis for the production of the Valinos is the measurement of the customers’ feet with a computer-assisted measuring device. These measurement results give the orthopaedic shoe technician a meaningful range of specific data relating to his customer’s feet.
Customers can pick the design they want for their Valinos, choosing from a wide range of colour and material combinations that are adapted to individual requirements using the results of the measurements by means of specialised 3D design software.

The individual components are assembled in the Valinos by hand with the utmost care after the footbed has been cut to size. This ensures that every customer receives his or her very own customised Valinos, allowing them to enjoy the comfort if the insole in a wide variety of situations.

Valinos products are extremely popular outside of Germany too and the range now includes flip flops, sandals and clogs in a wide range of colours and materials. Just like their owners, Valinos products live in today’s world, ideally combining the health-promoting effects of orthotic insoles with the desire to wear individual, trendy lifestyle shoes – for maximum comfort without forgetting the fun factor.