Back pain, red pain spots on the feet and/or slanted soles of shoes. The reason: We care too little about our feet – in terms of care, but also our statics. The older we get, the less “round” our body runs – the right treatment and care is essential. Master orthopaedic technician and foot expert Stefan Allram manufactures custom-fit individual insoles for fitness and health.

In addition to a large selection of high-quality products from leading specialist manufacturers, the Sanitätshaus AllOrtho GmbH from Stefan Allram specialises in the correct treatment and custom-fit individual care of the foot and ankle joint. The feet are a miracle of nature “, enthuses the master orthopedic shoemaker and sets his heart on his masterpiece of technology, the original AllOrtho insole. A shoe insole made in Germany, handcrafted by master craftsmen – with the know-how of more than 20 years of orthopaedic experience, innovative engineering work and many years of development in cooperation with experienced biomechanics, master orthopaedic shoemakers and technicians as well as specialists for orthopaedics and foot surgery.

Inevitably, an artificial dentition must be perfectly aligned for its wearer and an insole must fit exactly to the millimetre in the shoe. Treadmill analysis, 3D video footprint analysis and the computer-aided production of inlays with CAD/CAM at AllOrtho are the ideal basis – supplemented by milling by hand with the greatest care and the result is truly impressive,”says insole specialist Allram. In addition to functional insoles and sports insoles for running, golf, football, skiing, figure skating, dancing or basketball, there are also sensorimotor insoles that coordinate the interaction between muscles and the nervous system. AllOrtho insoles are well established and are worn from housewives to VIPs, from young people with handicaps to competitive athletes. Stefan Allram has been active in nine sports for many years, is a dedicated networker and author of specialist articles. At AllOrtho, athletes meet at eye level, Zai riders and strollers feel comfortable with AllOrtho inlays.

The exclusive distribution of Valinos custom-made products rounds off the range of Stefan Allram. Handmade from high-quality materials, every shoe for AllOrtho customers is unique, always in the desired design and manufactured exactly according to the measurement data of the customer’s feet – trendy and yet orthopaedic: everything handmade – for the feet.

The AllOrtho team is fully committed to achieving the maximum possible result for you as a patient in connection with medical findings and diagnoses from an orthopaedic point of view, in order to achieve the best possible healing success.

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