You can now use your insole – your individual custom-made tool – after pedography impression. The materials used for the production were selected and certified according to DIN ISO, the composition of which is harmless and tested by DEKRA as an independent testing institute and meets the highest standards. This aid has been manufactured individually according to the best of our knowledge on the basis of the foot measurement data, diagnoses and findings as well as your wishes and specifications.


For the shrinkage of your insoles we recommend short runtimes of max. 1-2 hours in the first 3-4 days, alternately with your possibly still existing old registered insoles. In case of pressure pain, please halve the running-in time. If you feel good, you can also use the insoles half-day or full day from the 4th day onwards for predominantly sedentary activities.

If any abnormalities such as burning, itching, pain, stinging or pulling occur in the foot, knee, hip, trunk or spine during the running-in period, you may no longer use your insoles. Wait a maximum of 3 days until ideally the symptoms have passed. Swelling that does not subside after 1-2 days must be treated. If the complaints persist, please contact us or your orthopaedic surgeon immediately.

An insert is there to support the foot and correct deformities. Wearing the insole triggers changes in the physical structures (knee, hip and spinal reactions can also occur) in the foot and in the entire musculoskeletal system, for which it simply takes time – this can take up to 3 months.

Each foot consists of 26 bones, 2 sesame bones (under the metatarsophalangeal joint), nearly 30 joints, 60 muscles, more than 100 ligaments, over 200 tendons and a variety of nerves. By means of insoles we influence the function of the individual bodily structures, eliminate possible deficits or misalignments and help the wearer of insoles to achieve a perfect fit.
improved attitude to life.

Years of incorrect posture or misalignment of the foot and body cannot be discarded overnight. Since the body does not necessarily immediately accept a new posture or position, you need time and a lot of patience as well as strength and stamina at the beginning. Pain or pressure during the initial phase of getting used to the insoles is normal. If you don’t feel anything, your body is very receptive and is optimally prepared for something new.
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  • Relieve or reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Correction of progressive deformity
  • Avoidance of arthrosis (joint wear and tear)
  • For the most part, corrections of defective positions Relief of the foot


Depending on the application and load, insoles can be used according to our material composition for a maximum of 1-1.5 years under daily use. After this period of time, the desired function of the insoles decreases intensively and pain as well as discomfort can creep in again.


The lower the thickness of your insole model, the less benefit for foot and body. The thinner the material, the less damping. The more space in the shoe, the better your feet feel. Your medical insoles require more space in the shoe. If the space is too small, shoes with lacing, removable soles or footbeds must be purchased. Shoes that have been in use for more than 1-2 years are worn according to a gait pattern that can be counterproductive. That’s why it makes sense to buy new shoes with the new insoles or to have them resoled.

Only a total construction of sturdy, stable and new footwear provides support and guidance for the new insole, so that the insole can unfold its maximum performance for you.

Buy shoes with stiff soles. These relieve the forefoot and protect the joints.

Extremely unfavourable are very soft shoes with thin soles or barefoot running on hard surfaces. The correct shoe length would be the longest toe + 1-1,5cm addition. The shoe should be as wide as the inner and outer balls of your shoe.

We are happy to adapt the insoles to your footwear. If you have received the insoles by post, you can shorten the insoles at the tip of your foot with a pair of household scissors. For this purpose, you can use the standard insole that is in the shoe as a pattern. Please observe the 1-1.5 cm allowance.

Please never trim your insoles at the heel. An insole cannot fit into a variety of different shoe shapes. Depending on shape and size, the insole must be placed in shoes with the same shape. Insoles for sports shoes, for example, require a neutral running shoe without a footbed or support.


Each liner should be taken out of the shoe to ventilate after wearing to combat bacteria contained in sweat (odour from decomposing cells).

For maintenance, spray the insert weekly with disinfectant spray (e. g. Kodan etc.).

A wet or damp insert must naturally dry and then first take shape. Never expose to a heat source (hairdryer or heater).

Smooth cover materials can be cleaned daily with a damp cloth.

Diabetics should check their insoles for foreign bodies or blood residues before and after each use (feel shoes from the inside!). In this way you avoid ulcer formation or injuries.


The orthopaedic insole as an individual, trendy shoe with highest wearing comfort – made to your exact measurements!

The original Valinos are made-to-measure shoes with a built-in insole footbed, which is also made to measure. Valinos are made from the raw material of a shoe insole and are still handmade “Made in Germany” according to your individual foot measurement data and specifications. They can be worn like normal shoes. An entry time, as with the insoles, must also be observed here.

Valinos are cleaned with a soap solution and a soft brush to remove skin flakes from the bedding. The belt can be wiped with a damp cloth. After contact with salt water, rinse with water and clean thoroughly. Please never leave the Valinos standing loose in the sun. The material deforms in permanent sunlight
and breaks down. To dry, simply place the Valinos vertically on a wall and let them dry overnight. Due to frequent contact with water, the belts can be easily replaced with the
Solve time as the adhesive leaches out. Please do not clean in the washing machine. Reattaching the belts is no problem. Even belt replacement is often possible.

If you follow these useful tips and hints, your feet will thank you every day. This way you can continue to walk for a long time without any complaints.