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AllOrtho Magazine 2020/2021

AllOrtho Magazine 2018/2019

AllOrtho Magazin Ausgabe 02/2017

AllOrtho Magazine Issue 02/2017

AllOrtho Magazin Ausgabe 01/2017

AllOrtho Magazine Issue 01/2017

AllOrtho Life-Journale (2014-2015)

AllOrtho Life – the journal for customers of ProOrtho Sanitätshaus and for all those who are particularly interested in their feet and musculoskeletal system.

AllOrtho Life is a customer journal in the style of a lifestyle magazine from the medical supply store for customers and patients, practices and clinics, partners and suppliers. Manufacturers and branded companies, partners and suppliers are presented with products and services in the journal in a compact and convenient manner for customers and patients by means of PR reports or advertisements.

AllOrtho Life stands for contents around health and medicine – with the emphasis on “feet” – up to information about disease patterns and therapies or treatment methods.

AllOrtho Life is the future practice and clinic journal that orthopaedic surgeons can offer their patients with their own articles and a lot of useful information to take away and read. AllOrtho Life appears in 2 issues per year “Spring/Summer” and “Autumn/Winter”, glossy, at least 52 pages strongly and free of charge by direct distribution of the affiliated physician and cooperation partners to customers and patients.

AllOrtho Life Journal

AllOrtho Life-Journal 02/2015

AllOrtho Life Journal

AllOrtho Life-Journal 01/2015

AllOrtho Life Journal

AllOrtho Life-Journal 03/2014

AllOrtho Life Journal

AllOrtho Life-Journal 02/2014

AllOrtho Life Journal

AllOrtho Life-Journal 01/2014